New Hope Sports & Arts Camp Training

Thank you for volunteering for New Hope Sports & Arts Camp July 14-17 (6:00-8:30pm)! We’re excited to hold this outreach for the second year in a row. After a great camp last year, we are looking to make improvements and have another great camp.

I have created short videos to help volunteers orient themselves to the week. Here is how to get started orienting yourself for camp:

  1. Find out where you have been placed here: 2019 New Hope Sports & Arts Camp Volunteer Roster. If you have any problems or concerns with your placement, please let me know and I will switch things around.

  2. Make sure you have turned in a New Hope Children & Youth Volunteer Application. If you have not ever turned in one of these applications, or are unsure if you have or not, you may find out by looking at the Volunteer Roster above. If your name is in “Red,” this means I need a Children & Youth Volunteer Application from you. To fill out an application, please follow the instructions here:

  3. I urge you to commit to praying for Sports & Arts Camp. The Arts Camp will have Bible teaching built into the curriculum. The Sports Camp will be having Bible lessons each night where the gospel will be presented, as well as an invite to church on the final evening. Pastor John is also planning to have a brief meeting with parents the first and last evenings of camp to overview what students are learning, as well as invite them to church. Pray for the students and their families, that we would edify believers, call those who are lost, and show the love of Christ to all.

  4. Watch your corresponding training video below. If you are unclear about your role or expectation, please contact Ben (

Training Videos

Group Leaders


In a nutshell:

  • Group leaders are responsible for taking roll, keeping track of the children, making sure children are in the right place at the right time, and helping kids with games and drills.

  • During some time slots, there will be a visiting coach teaching the drills. During other time slots, group leaders are responsible for teaching drills. These drills will be located in the back of your folder and will be very basic.

  • ARRIVE: by 6:00pm.

Kitchen Team


In a nutshell:

  • Kitchen team is responsible to prepare, set up, and serve the meal each evening, as well as clean up afterwords.

  • Dinner is served at 6:10 and ends at 6:25.

  • ARRIVE: Kitchen team will need to arrive early to have the meals prepared. Each night looks a little different, so I will leave it up to your judgement as to when to arrive. You may feel free to leave after cleanup!

Menu: Sunday (hot dog, carrots, chips, cookie); Monday (Pizza, fruit, cookie); Tuesday (Turkey or Ham Sandwich, veggie, chips, cookie); Wednesday (hot dog, carrots, chips, cookie)

Registration Team


In a nutshell:

  • Registration team makes sure all children are checked in. Arrive by 5:45pm.

  • Registration team needs to make sure children have the right colored name tag corresponding with their group (their names will be colored on the registration sheet).

  • After check-in, Registration team will remain in the lobby and help with bathroom procedure as needed, have the first aid kit on hand, keep an eye on the doors, and be available if any parents need to pick up their children early.

  • Registration team must be sure to release children only to those on the approved list of adults who may pick up each child.

  • ARRIVE: by 5:45pm. Feel free to take off right after the last child signs out. No need for you to stick around for any clean up.

Arts Camp Assistants


In a nutshell:

  • Gretchen McKenzie and Judy Wilkins are heading up Arts Camp. Your job is simple: help Gretchen and Judy with whatever they need assistance with (maintaining order, taking kids to the bathroom, helping kids with their projects, etc etc).