Sunday Preview for March 24, 2019


Did you grow up with siblings? If so, you may have memories of long car rides in the back seat with your family.

One of my memories growing up as a kid involves fighting in the back seat during a road trip. Inevitably, all three of us would all end up hitting or poking each-other.

And then it happened. Mom or Dad would whip their head around and sternly say, "Benjamin Daniel. Don't touch your brothers!"

The law was laid down. Being the compliant child I was, I would submit. Well... let me rephrase that. I would proceed to put my hands as close as humanly possible to my brother, maybe even touching his shirt.

Technically, I was submitting to the letter of my parent's command, but in reality I was finding a way to maneuver around my parent's wishes to do what I wanted.

Our sermon text this week, Mark 10:1-12, involves the Pharisees approaching Jesus in order to test him. They ask him bluntly, "What does the law teach concerning divorce?" They knew the debate about how to interpret God's law regarding divorce was hotly contested. They thought they could force Jesus down on one side.

But Jesus answered in a surprising way. Instead of taking the bait, he turned the spotlight on the hard hearts of the Pharisees. He revealed that the Pharisees were so embroiled in debates about when divorce was permissible that they were ignoring God's good and perfect design for marriage in the first place. He showed that the Pharisees were so caught up in looking for ways around God's laws that they had little time to delight in his design.

Join us this week as we worship Christ our King, and turn to the Scriptures to consider that there is no hardness in God's Kingdom.