Sunday Preview for January 27, 2019


Having trouble remembering someone's name at church? Here's a pro tip from me to you. When approaching, look the person square in the eye, give a hearty handshake and say, "Good morning, sister!" or "Hey there, brother!" Note: for children, substitute "sport" or "champ" for brother/sister.

Growing up in church, I always took for granted the way people called one another "brother" or "sister." "That's just how older folks speak to one another," I thought. But as I grew older, I learned there is a rich, deep significance to the title "brother" and "sister."

It's not merely a spiritualized fill-in title for those whose names we don't remember. No, it is an objective truth, pointing to the "mystical union" we share together in Christ through the Holy Spirit. We are indeed part of the family of God, sons and daughters of the Kingdom, sharing more together than we often realize!

Our sermon text this week - Mark 3:13-21, 31-35 - deals with the question "Who is in the King's family?" Join us Sunday as we worship the Triune God who has adopted us into his family through the person and work of Jesus Christ!

In Christ, my dear brothers & sisters, fathers & mothers,