Sunday Preview for April 7, 2019

Washing of the Feet  by Duccio, 1308.

Washing of the Feet by Duccio, 1308.

During Lent we have looked at several events that took place as Jesus journeyed towards Jerusalem.  During this time in his ministry, as the cross drew near, he labored to show his disciples how his kingdom was radically different from the world.  In no way does the kingdom of Christ differ more from the world than in its expression of authority.  

Because of the influence of sin, authority often produces abuse and strife.  Just like in the children's game "King of the Hill," those at the bottom fight to get to the top while those at the top fight to keep their place of power.  But in our passage this week, Mark 10:39-45, Jesus says that those who have or seek authority in the kingdom must live as slaves of all.  What does that mean for your life at home, in church, and at work?  What does it mean for our church as we try to call our neighbors to faith?  Come worship on Sunday, and let's hear what the Spirit has to say to us!